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Barton is one of the world’s leading producers of flow meter devices. In connection with the Barton flow meter, our company supplies accurate flow meters with the highest quality parts. We ship barton flowmeters and readers all over the world. Please contact us through the the contact button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

High quality

Barton Flowmeters

Barton flow meters indicate the flow rate and measure the overall performance of the liquid line. The rotor rotates at a speed that is directly proportional to the flow rate as the fluid flows through the meter and the rotor. The rotor blades are sensed by a magnetic pick-up, generating an electrical signal (sine wave). The pulses are then sent to the reader’s flow measurement device.

Wide range

Barton gas turbine meters

The technology of gas turbine flow metering enables the accurate calculation of a number of gas types. The gas stream must be chemically compatible with the stainless steel body and the inner parts of the meter for reliable measurement; as well as free of solid particles larger than dust and all fluids outside of the film. The gas turbine provides strategic advantages over a wide range of applications. Cameron offers three solutions for gas turbines: the BARTON 7400 + gas turbine flow meter and the NUFLO 2-in-wafer and ball-bearing meter.


Barton measuring meters

All barton flow meters have been manufactured in ISO certified factories. Both hardware and manufacturers are audited to the highest quality requirements. We also ensure our reliability and know-how in relation to production standards. This philosophy applies to any part of the supply chain, including, but not limited to, the choice and traceability of non-destructive materials, welding and inspections.


Barton meters & parts

We supply high quality products primarily to the oil and gas industry. Whether you are looking for new, used or outdated electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems, products or parts; we provide a solution so you can continue working with your core business.


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We offer any product and part to the oil and gas industry. As Turbine meter company, we are here to help you with all your part requests. Feel free to browse our product catalogue in our websites.